Summer Recap!


Hey everyone, I hope all is well! I’m doing extremely well here on Long Island. I wanted to let all of you know what God has been doing here and how He has been using our church to minister to the community.Interns

Over this last summer, our Reconcile519 network has hosted multiple mission teams that totaled over 500 people from all over the country and even a few from Germany! We had 5 interns serve with us this summer, and I will be posting soon about what the life of a Reconcile519 intern is like, so stay tuned!


Aaron Small
Aaron Small & I

One of the highlights from this summer was a baseball camp featuring former New York Yankees pitcher, Aaron Small. We got to share the gospel with over 80 kids every day for a whole week. It was amazing to see how God used one small component—bringing in Aaron Small—not just with the kids, but especially with the dads. A large number of the dads stayed at the camp all day every day. They were giddy about meeting Aaron, who is one of the most humble and gracious guys I’ve ever met. Through this camp we made some amazing contacts and have since seen some of the parents come and visit our church.

Another high point was “The Reconcile519 Experience” at Crossroads, in Farmingdale. We hosted Pastors and representatives from a lot of our supporting churches, and had Champion Forest Baptist Church from Houston, TX lead worship. At this event we were able to communicate the vision for this ministry more clearly to some of our supporters. If you’d like more information about the experience and/or the Reconcile519 Network, go to

Another major undertaking for us was to conduct multiple Vacation Bible Schools on our campuses, with the addition this year of our first ever “Special Needs” VBS. It was an incredible event to witness and be a part of.

One week that was especially near and dear to my heart was when my sending church, FBC Midlothian, TX sent a team up here and I got to do ministry with my stepdad, Ben Condray. The work that the team did was amazing. Spending time with people from home, seeing familiar faces, and then getting to lead worship and have Pops preach was such an incredible blessing.


If you watch the news, you may have heard that we got a little rain here a couple of weeks ago. After over 13 inches in less than 4 hours, the rain finally slowed down. As you can imagine, homes were flooded and people’s stuff was damaged. In response, the Southern Baptist Convention Disaster relief team sent a few people and we got to help assess the damage and meet new people. We got to pray with one lady, and she said she will be coming to our church soon. It is so exciting when God allows good things to come out of devastating situations.

A few weeks ago, we went on a mission trip upstate to Rochester, NY. One of our Reconcile519 church planters, Elliott Sneed, moved up there with his family and started Discovery Church ( He’s got a great heart and a clear vision for Rochester. 9 out of 10 people there don’t have a relationship with the Lord, so there is a desperate need for this church. All of our churches up here are growing, but we all need support. It would mean a lot to me if y’all would pray about helping Pastor Elliott Sneed and Discovery Church. As you pray for them, please pray with an open heart about the Lord leading you to support this church financially or maybe taking a mission team up there. Who knows? Maybe the Lord will call you to move up there and help! God is doing amazing things, and it wouldn’t surprise me if He used you to help Elliott and Reconcile519.

Lastly, I just want to thank all of you who have supported me over this past year as I’ve served here. My official last day as an intern was a few weeks ago and I’m proud to announce that the Lord has called me stay here longer. I will be serving as the Worship Pastor at our East Islip, NY campus! I originally committed to staying for only a year, but the Lord has given me a heart for these people. I don’t have a definite timeframe for how long I will be up here, but I know that God is moving here like crazy and I love sharing the gospel with these New Yorkers. They are often viewed as extremely cynical and skeptical, but they are very real with you, and I love it—I love them.

I do ask that you would continue to pray for me and the work the Lord is doing. The cost of living up here is crazy high, and if you feel led to supporting me financially, that would be amazing! I pray all of you are doing well and that you would be encouraged.


Kendall Doles

Crossroads Church of Long Island

610 Carmans Road

Farmingdale, NY 11735

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