Good Friday

I’ve always loved Good Friday. I know it’s not a day of celebration, but I love it. I love it for the same reason that I love sad and depressing movies(Legends of the Fall, The Count of Monte Cristo). In the end of the best stories there’s almost always some form of redemption. It’s why I’m drawn to the characters that are flawed and that fail and that seem to have little or no hope. Then I’m reminded of one of my favorite quotes from one of my all-time favorite movies(Lord of the Rings) where Aragorn says, “There is always hope.” Every time I watch that I can’t help but think about how as a follower of Christ I always have hope. Despite how dark the world is around me, I always have His light shining in me. No matter how bad I mess up or how hard I fall, He’s there to pick me up every single time. Despite how much I don’t deserve His love or His grace, He gives it freely and He never changes. 

Good Friday was an absolutely devastating day. The Son cried out to His Father, but His Father had turned His face away. The spotless Lamb was crucified on the Cross for sinners like you and me. Jesus had died. Surely this wasn’t the end. Surely Jesus had something up His sleeve. This anticipation for redemption was short-lived. Three days later the greatest redemption this world has ever known took place. Jesus Christ defeated death as He rose back to life. He is that hope. He brings redemption for us all. 

Although the night is dark, morning is coming. Sunday will be here soon, and there is always hope. His name is Jesus. 

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